Mindset is another word for success



we understand that business and personal are inherently linked.


We aren’t just about marketing – we are also here about YOU.

Mindset Services is a marketing agency – yes, absolutely. We are also a team who has lived a vast variety of experiences. We get that business and personal is not separate, especially when you are just starting out. We want to help you navigate success in your business, and success overall in your life!


From websites, to social media, to building e-commerce businesses, to branding and more. We bring a complete set of decades long experience and knowledge to you.

Big Picture Thinkers

While we are working through immediate challenges you may have, we are always creating space for your long term vision so we set foundations you can grow upon.


We understand from our clients’ successes and from first hand experience that your “why” is interconnected with your mindset, your business and your life so we explore beyond the “how”.


We don’t just know about what needs to be done – we know how to do it too! We too have grown our own businesses and found ways to use our mindset to flourish no matter what life has brought us.




Connie Manning


Bringing decades of experience in retail, e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, copywriting, leadership and sales, my wish is to help you bring your business to life!

Developing a strategy that not only aligns with your business goals, but that also creates balance and will support your well-being along the journey is something I hold in high regard.

Business is EXCITING, and creating and marketing a business is THE BEST PART – that’s where I come in!

Nothing is more important to me than seeing a client’s success, and it’s my ‘business’ to support, encourage and facilitate that success, all the while keeping your needs in the forefront of everything I do.

Strategic thinking, comprehending consumer behaviour, metrics that make you money..these things are my specialty, and I can’t wait to bring my skillset to your project!

I love business.
I love talking about business.
I love creating for business.
I love strategizing for business.
I’d love to help you with YOUR business.

Teresa Martin

I’ve been designing and managing websites for over 20 years. I write website content, marketing materials, corporate internal communications, and do editing.

As a business consultant, I help my clients to make sense of what they need to start their business, setup processes that feed success, and work with clients to set the mindset and tools that will allow for scaling and growth. I am driven to help clients achieve a holistic and integrated approach that they can manage while appealing to their target audiences.

When you work with me, I don’t just show up prepared with concrete ideas and actionable intelligence. I also show up as your business and marketing coach, believing wholeheartedly that your success will come from your own internal capacity and drive.

I’m a certified Erickson Solution Focused Coach and also offer life coaching, career coaching and personal development coaching .