Where do I find images for my website?

One of the most interesting challenges I have working with clients, is sourcing and choosing images for websites.  Everyone is different in their tastes and styles.  Also, knowing some professional photographers, I understand that they deserve to be paid for their creative work so free photos are not always fair to the artists.

Whether you are putting together your first website, over-hauling your existing one, or writing an article or a section of a page, the right photo can elevate your piece to a new level.  I’ve compiled a list of a variety of websites that you can use to source your images.  The list is not exhaustive and I am not affiliated with any of them in any way.  Indeed, I make no guarantees about any website I link to, so do take the time to review each site on its own merit.

And please, just as you’d like to be credited for the work you do, if you use an artist’s work and they ask to be given credit, then please do so.


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(This article was previously published at Online Web Admin, which is now Mindset Marketing Services)

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